B is a designer apparel brand founded and operated by Ghanaian born Fashion Designer Gefa Banini, the creative force behind BEING Studios —a lifestyle brand that creates versatile clothing, accessories, digital media, and more.

Gefa's journey, balancing education, entrepreneurship, and motherhood, led her to embrace a spiritual lifestyle - which shapes the brand's essence and reflects in each and every design.

B is designed to evoke a sense of power and ease by inspiring people to embark on journeys both within and without.

We create designs that puts the power of choice into your hands by offering, various ways that our products can be worn. You decide how you want the product to B.

A multi - functional / multi - dimensional aspect of design is B's signature differentiating factor within the apparel industry.

B's designs, known for it's versatility, style, and functionality, resonates with the modern woman—an adventurous spirit who values wellness, freedom, travel, loving relationships and the beauty of the natural world as cornerstones of her daily life.

Since launching in 2022, in Los Angeles, B has gained recognition in the fashion industry and has been featured in British Vogue, Loammi Magazine, and exhibited at the California African American Museum.

Our mission is to reinvent the concept of designer labels by putting design choices into the consumers hands. 

Through meticulous design, exceptional craftsmanship, and a commitment to wellness, B is a brand that strives to make a valuable impact on society and our planet for generations to come.